Vision Boards for 2021 – A Fun and Interactive Way for Your Kids to Start 2021

This last podcast episode was a so fun to talk about before this crazy year ends! Have you ever collected your thoughts at the end of the year, plan goals for the following year AND put them into action? I have found that most (including myself) have good intentions for the year, but often don’t follow through and end up frustrated by February because what they had hoped to do, just plain didn’t happen. I wholeheartedly believe that vision boards can help with this immensely. Why? Because vision boards help us visualize our goals and aspirations and increase the likelihood that we will put those things into action.

This is the same for our kids! Our children need our guidance and encouragement to set the goals for themselves as well. They goals will of course look different from ours most likely, but they are still just as important. Encouraging your kids to set goals for themselves instills a goal-driven mindset at an early age which will be incredibly important as they grow up.

Why are vision boards so valuable?

-Foster creativity

-Create a sacred space that displays what you want – which in turn helps to actually bring it to life

-Encourages daily visualization of goals

What purpose do they serve?

-Should focus on how you want to feel and what you want to do (within he time frame that you determine)

-Might include:  words, pictures from magazines, trinkets, quotes, literally anything that will help create a vision for the coming year


-Adults:  relationships, career/finances, home, travel, personal growth (spirituality, social life, education), and health

-One or Many Boards

-How Often:  Whenever it feels right…leave blank spaces to ad or rearrange items during the year.  Then in Dec or early Jan, redo, edit, or make a completely new one!


Materials:  some kind of board, scissors, glue, materials you want to include on the board, a frame, TIME

  1. Make a Plan
  2. Pick a space, set the mood, reserve time, and get creative
  3. Organize however fits best for YOU!

They are a positive way to set goals for 2021 and serve sort of like a Pinterest board of ideas, but will likely include more doable things. They force us to go beyond casual thinking and goal-setting and really focus on our goals, aspirations, and actually do them! They help us get unstuck and turn our thoughts/dreams into something real and tangible. They also get us fired up emotionally!

More Tips:

-collaborate and set goals

-start small


-realistic and attainable

-encourage often

As I was prepping for this episode, I found some great resources on how to do vision boards with your children AND important questions that will help YOU help THEM through the process. All of the links are below…I hope you and your family enjoy this creative and inspiring time together as you prep for 2021. I pray that the coming year will be better for us all!

May we all find our light this year…our purpose…our direction. Despite the current circumstances we are facing at this time, I pray that we might all find that light and take action in 2021!


21 Vision Board Questions to Ask Kids: https://lebrickfamily.com/21-vision-board-questions-for-kids/

Another Great Vision Board Resource: https://www.kiddiematters.com/teaching-children-how-to-set-goals-and-use-a-vision-board/

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