What is “The Whole Mama?”

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For the longest time, I have wanted to write about something meaningful. Something engaging. Something uplifting. Something relatable.

Since becoming a mama myself, it seems as if we [mamas] have many similar challenges, wins, and overall experiences. We also share the common myth that we don’t measure up to what the “best mom in the world” should wear, cook, say, and do. Mothers around the world face different experiences, challenges, and family dynamics…but we ALL want what is best for our children.

I decided that this space might be the perfect place for two reasons. The Whole Mama site was created because 1) we were put on this Earth to be the perfect mama (the WHOLE package) for OUR children AND 2) the “whole mama” includes the WHOLE mama experience…the good, the bad, the messy, the ugly, and more.

So, throughout the website, you will find reminders about why you are the perfect package for your kids…even when you feel like you aren’t. We all have different situations, relationships, and experiences that have helped mold and prepare us to parent OUR children. We were created to be the parents of these children on purpose and with intention. God created and molded us all for a reason…and that mama that He created was in fact the perfect person for our kids.

I also tried to focus each category on wholesome and honest topics that I felt would best serve all of the mamas out there. So, each of these will focus on the following…the WHOLE picture of each of these:

Whole Self: We constantly put others before us…don’t we?! However, in order to be a better mama, we must also nurture ourselves as well. How can we do that internally and externally?

Whole Home: How does our home define us? Is it comfortable and inviting for everyone in our family? Does it display our own style and creativity? Does it honor what is most important to our family?

Whole Kitchen: Ahh…the place our family spends the most time. The place where food, family, friends, and conversation come together. What wholesome foods are in your fridge and pantry? What recipes make you excited to cook? What foods make you feel good both physically and emotionally?

Whole Child: How can we bring out the best in our children? How can we raise well-rounded little people ready to tackle the world? What are the best tools to educate, inspire, and challenge our children academically, spiritually, and emotionally?

Whole Adventure: Traveling truly opens the doors to so many places, people, and experiences. How do these experiences change us and our children?

Shop: I am excited to share this space of amazing products that I highly recommend and would LOVE recommendations from other mamas out there as well to share!

There is more to come, but I hope this little taste will encourage you to return often and subscribe to my blog. I am certain that you will find something that will encourage, comfort, and inspire you!

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