2020 Brings Change…So Does October

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Wow…where to begin when talking about such a year as 2020. Each month I will focus on a new word that we can dive deeper into, reflect on, and truly resonate with. If felt quite fitting to choose the world “change” for the month of October as it is a time of the year when many changes occur all around us. The leaves change to brilliant colors of red, orange, and yellow, and fall delicately to the ground. The weather changes from being hot and muggy to cool, crisp, and refreshing. The animals prepare for winter, and we find ourselves excited for the festive season on the way.

I felt the need to dive deeper into the word “change” because this word could not be more fitting for this crazy year. In the blink of an eye, our lives changed completely as Covid-19 crept its way in. It changed our home life, work life, school life, and emotional life. It changed our interactions with each other, daily activities, relationships with others, and I could go on and on.

Such a scary and unpredictable pandemic brought so much change into our lives with little we could do about it.

But, what if that changes right now. What if we take this month to focus on how we can change the way we think of and respond to 2020. Yes, there as been a pandemic, social distancing, sadness, loss, and helplessness. It has truly been something. But, what if we try to take control back into our lives despite these changes.

How can we take care of ourselves through these many changes? Just as our body changes throughout motherhood, we find ways to embrace, love, and cherish what God has given to us as giver of life. Our scars, stretchmarks, extra cushion, and wrinkles are our battle ground. I once heard a woman say something like this when reflecting on her old and worn body…”I wouldn’t change a thing about my body. This body tells a story…my story. It is my battleground. It shows everything I have been through…and I wouldn’t change a thing.” Our body represents the highs and lows. It shows the joy and pain of bringing a little human into the world. It shows loss. It shows long hours of labor. It shows the aftermath of breastfeeding. It shows evidence of how our body changed to create new life.

So, as much as change can be scary, painful, and uncertain…we must also find the strength to look at how change can bring goodness in the world. How can it lead us to better things? How can it guide us to persevere through a pandemic, political unrest, crazy weather, and more? How does this change bring a light at the end of the tunnel?

Photo by Valeriia Miller from Pexels

It starts with us. As mothers, we hold down the fort in our home don’t we? In most cases at least. Our family looks to us for comfort, reassurance, and love. So, as we navigate our families through such a time as 2020, may we find it within us to take this change in our lives and make it work for us. Maybe we start our day by NOT immediately looking at our phones to soon be bombarded by negativity and fear. Maybe we take care of ourselves more so that we can care for our loved ones fully. Maybe we find a ways to give ourselves grace. And maybe…just maybe…we make certain that 2020 WILL NOT end the way it came in. Maybe that is what WE change starting in October. Despite what is going on in the world, I pray that we all find and cherish the little things that keep us going (coffee, music, WINE), be present in the moments we have with loved ones and friends, and tell 2020 to suck it. Yep, I said it. You’ve got this mama….change starts now…kill it this year and end with a bang!

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